123 Cash Loan

123 Cash Loan is the credit provider that have eased burden to Africans when in need of cash it is fast and quick to apply is an online application, and they offer loans of up to R20 000 with repayment month’s of 1-12 months in emergency time go with the credit provider you can count on the 123 Cash Loan.


How to apply

The 123 Cash Loan is an online application no need to go to the branch and documentation can be faxed or emailed.


In the123 Cash Loan all you need to do is to supply them with your details and contact numbers such as your ID numbers, bank account, latest of bank and payslips and they will call you or you can call them so that they can help with your application loan process.

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What does the 123 Cash Loan offer

The 123 Cash Loan offers loans of up to R20 000 with the repayment period of 1-12 months and a 5% rate every month and a easy application online with low interest.

Contact details

Call:021 421 0488 or Fax:021 421 0494 or Email:apply@123cash.co.za

123 Cash Loans
123 Cash Loans

R500 to R15000 Loans
No Credit Check
Online Application
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