Capitec Home Loans By SA Home Loans

At last Capitec has come to an agreement with SA Home Loan for Capitec to provide Home Loans but the offer will be piloted in 160 Capitec branches in Gauteng, and now the Capitec Home Loan has broaden the consumers access to the home finance. The product will be the same as the one which is offered by SA Home Loan and Capitec clients who wants to switch their bond to SA Home Loan they can.

Ways to apply

It is simple you just need to go to your Capitec branch and talk to the consultant so that the consultant can do a quick credit check and if you qualify, the Capitec consultant will refer you to the SA home loan consultant who will assist you with the home loan application till you get the loan.

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All formal documentations will be needed by the by SA Home Loan in order to process the application and the customer will need to indicate before the process that they have sign an offer to purchase, and the offer to purchase is the written contract agreement setting out the terms and conditions.

What does the capitec home loan by SA home loan offer

Now the Capitec Home Loan by SA Loan will offer a full banking product range for each and every individual’s, meaning you’ll get the same products as SA loans offer with low interest rates and easy repayment periods .

Contact details

Call: 0860 10 20 43 or Fax: 021 941 0770 or Email:

SA Home Loans
SA Home Loans

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