Jalenca Personal Loan

Jalenca Personal Loan is the fast credit provider in case of emergency or if you want to buy yourself a new home they provide cash instantly and they have the loan calculator, you can use it to know when to pay and how much to pay Jalenca Personal Loan is the fast credit provider.

Ways to apply

Jalenca Personal Loan is an online application and you can even request the call me back by sending them your cell number so that they can call you but it is easy to apply online for Jalenca Personal Loan.


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For the Jalenca Personal Loan you need to be 18 years or older, have a South African ID and a working bank account where the money will be deposited in.

What does the Jalenca Personal Loan offer

The Jalenca Personal Loan offers the personal loan, payday loan, low interest rate, easy repayment period and the application calculator that you use when taking a loan, Jalenca Personal Loan is the best credit provider by their services and offers.

Contact details

Call:011 478 2427 or Email: loans@jalencaloans.co.za or Fax:086 689 4540

Jalenca Personal Loans
Jalenca Personal Loan

R500 to R15000 Loans
No Credit Check
Online Application
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