Kagisano Loans

With Kagisano Loans you will never go wrong when you in need of a Loan, they offer Personal Loan from R3 000 up to R60 000 whether you want to improve your house or want to settle your debts and a Personal Loan is often cheaper its a same day approval, quick and easy to apply.

Ways to apply

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When applying for a Personal Loan to kagisano is easy you just use the online application to secure your loan, everything will be kept discreet none of your friends or family will know about your application. In the online application only two steps of filling the form will be required it is easy to apply.


Its simple the only thing you’ll need is to complete the application form on the right with your details like your phone number,surname and first name. After the Kagisano Personal Loan consultant will get started on your loan and you will receive your loan within 24 hours.

What does the loan offer

Kagisano Personal Loan offers a loans from R3 000 up to R60 000 and they offer a competitive rates and easy repayment terms that will best suits your needs and it is easy to apply.

Contact details

Phone: 014 592 6814 or Fax: 014 592 6869 or Email: rustenburg@kagisano.co.za

Kagisano Loans
Kagisano Loans

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  1. Stephen

    In need of a medium term loan…R30000-R50000,my number is 0736724252 call me anytime

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