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King Cash Loans is the best in offering loans and they offer loans of up to R15 000 00 with repayment periods of between 1 to 18 months, and is available to each and every individual customers not businesses. And the King Cash Loan is an unsecured debt this means you can not use it as a security to get additional funds.

Ways to apply

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The King Cash Loan is a telephonic application process in a fast and easy way, the are no interviews long detailed paperwork to complete all you do give them a call, once they are done with submission and your application is approved. they will send you the documentation via email and after completing it you fax it back or email it, and to apply is for free.


You need to have a valid bank account, a South African ID, permanent employment and a payslip but firstly you call them they will update you on everything.

What does the loan offer

The King Cash Loan offer a simple way of applying for a loan and you can get a loan of up to R15 000 00 with a repayment period of between 1 to 18 months if you want the best in loan go with the best.

Contact details

Call to apply for free on:0800 113 637

King Cash  Personal Loans
King Cash Personal Loans