Land Bank Short Term Loans

The Land Bank short term loan is offered for a short time the periods is 18 months and the are no fixed interest, no fixed repayment period and the are no transaction cost to apply is easy for a Land bank short term loan and the project must benefit the community and it is offered to South African citizen.

Ways to apply

To apply for a Land bank Short Term Loan you need to go the nearest branch to apply but only written application are taken or considered.


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The requirements for the Land bank are the project must be a non profit organization and it must benefit the community and the proof of registration must accompany the application for funding.

What does the Land Bank Short Term Loan offer

The Land bank offers jobs to the community, no fixed interest rates, no fixed repayment rates, no transaction cost and it offers this loans to South Africans only Land Bank is the best in agricultural loans.

Contact details

Call:0800 00 52 59 or or visit the

Land Bank Short Term Loan
Land Bank Short Term Loan

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Online Application
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