Eduloan Study Loans with the online application

Eduloan Study Loans is the credit provider that puts students dreams and future upfront with their offer of study loans, study tools loans and accommodation loan you can make it with their fixed interest rates and simple repayment process to apply is quick you can apply online with the supporting documents like your personal and work details online you can use the calculator to get the loan that you can afford you just need to make the right choice and apply for Eduloan Study Loans.

Ways to apply

Eduloan Study Loans simply offer the online application that takes few minutes to complete with the required documents like:applicants latest original salary advice, certified copy of dentification document, a study fee quotation and you or your sponsors latest bank statement.

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What does the Eduloan Study Loans offer

Eduloan Study Loans offers study loan, study tools loan and accommodation loan fixed interest rates and fixed repayment periods Eduloan Study Loans is the online application that you can apply at the comfort of your own time and place for more visit

Contact details

Call:0860 55 55 44 or Sms the word ‘’EDU’’ to 32150

Edu-Loan Study Loans
Edu-Loan Study Loans

Edu-Loan Study Loan

EduLoan have just made schooling and education easy whether you want to go to college tertiary or to school, EduLoan study loan offers loans to cover accommodation, study equipment and study loans such as exam fees and registration fees. And they have an affordable monthly repayment and low interest rates to apply is easy.

Ways to apply

Anyone can apply for EduLoan only if you are working full time, and you need to be 21 years or older and have a South African bank account. Its easy you can go to the EduLoan office on campus, apply online, apply by smsing ‘Edu’ to 32150 and they will call you back or give them a call on 0860 55 55 44 so they could process your application.


A Certified copy of your South African identity document, applicants payslip not older than 3 months, application bank statement not older than 3 months and a quotation from the school you are going to, with the student number and and you can even download the application form in four languages afrikaans,zulu,sepedi and english its easy to apply.

What does the loan offer

EduLoan offers a financing for all levels of tuition.they even offer study loans , accommodation, study tools and loans for laptops. And a low interest rates that best suits your need and easy repayments.

Contact details

contacts for all the provincial institutions-call:0860 55 55 44 or Fax: 086 633 3832

Edu-Loan Study Loans
Edu-Loan Study Loans